Alpha Omega Rules!

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Alpha Omega Rules!

Post by Weallwanto on Thu Jun 30, 2016 5:22 pm

Rules for the Agency:

1. Always follow the Habbo way

2. Alpha Omega is an English speaking agency only

3. Do not spam/flood the room or use coloured text

4. Do not ask for pay, promotions or room rights!

5. You may only AFK (away from keyboard) in FTB

6. Do not self promote this will land you with a permanent ban.

7. Do not double job

8. only members of the HR can call commands such as ATT! or CTH!

9. Show respect to all other members


1. Do not spam feeds

2. Promotions and warnings may only be given by members of HR team

3. Be respectful to all other members in the forum Very Happy


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